Should I Learn the Drums?

The short answer is YES! You should learn the drums! Of course we’re going to recommend that you come to The Music House for drum lessons in Llandeilo though :)

The drums are arguably the world's oldest musical instrument - alongside the human vocal cords! They are also one of the most important instruments in an ensemble or musical group.

There is a saying that ‘a band is only as good as it’s drummer’ and this is very true. If a drummer can’t play in time and provide a solid foundation for the other musicians to play to, then the whole foundation that a performance is built on is shaky and can fall down (imagine building a house on a weak foundation that isn’t strong - your house will fall down!)

Drum lessons at The Music House consist of learning drumming rudiments and stick control alongside playing the whole kit to ensure your future band’s house never crumbles to the ground.

With a bit of practice, maybe we could all one day play the drums as good as 8 year old Yoyoka here: