Electric or Acoustic Guitar?

If you are thinking about having guitar lessons at The Music House, Llandeilo, you may have been faced with the decision to learn the acoustic guitar or the electric guitar?

There is an awful lot of contrasting information on the internet and through word of mouth that likely doesn’t make your decision any easier! From people being told that they should learn on an acoustic guitar before playing an electric to strengthen fingers, to being told that an electric guitar is ‘easier’ to play.


The simple fact is you can learn on any guitar you want. The type of music you want to play should determine what type of guitar you learn on. If you want to be a ‘troubadour’ type that can pull the guitar out anywhere and sing a song for whoever wants to listen, then an acoustic should be the way you go. If however, you fancy yourself as a budding rockstar that wants to play face-melting solos and play loud rocking riffs then you should choose to go electric.

Although if you still can’t decide, why not try and source the K-Tone Double Neck pictured above - an acoustic and electric guitar in one!