Electronic Music Production

Here at The Music House in Llandeilo we offer lessons in electronic music production. The primary vehicle for this is through using the Ableton Live 10 software alongside the Ableton Push unit. Music Production can mean many, many things - from the ‘big time’ Record Producer that would be in major recording studios directing every musical phrase from behind a window, to the person that creates music in their bedroom on a laptop. With technology becoming increasingly more obtainable to the ‘average’ person, the standard of music that can be created by almost anyone anywhere is getting higher than ever before. There is currently more powerful technology in an iPhone than in the systems that sent Neil Armstrong to the Moon!

Whilst the primary instrument we use at The Music House is the Ableton Push, it is by no means the only one. Learners can record any instrument, sample phrases from existing songs and even sing or rap over the music they have created. We can make music from ‘found sounds’ which is the process of recording different sounds into the computer and using them as a basis for a song. You might even have a small idea that you want to turn into a full song, or even a full song that you want to turn into a small idea again to make a new song!! in 2018 there are far more possibilities than barriers when it comes to creating music.

While you think about it, have a look at this video of New Zealand musician/producer Rodi Kirk perform his original song “Underwater” using an Ableton Push.