Have You Got the Wrong Hands for Playing an Instrument?

One of the most common myths surrounding learning to play an instrument is hand/finger size. If I had a penny for every time I heard phrases such as “I can’t play the guitar because of my small, chubby hands” or “I was told not to play the piano because my fingers are not long and slender enough” I would be very wealthy indeed.

The truth is that you can play ANY instrument you want to play - regardless of your fingers.

Gypsy Jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt was badly injured in a fire, resulting in him only being able to use 2 of his fingers to play - and he is considered one of the greatest Jazz guitarists of all time!

So don’t let your preconceived notions about your hands get in the way of learning an instrument. Book a lesson at The Music House, Llandeilo and see how well your hands cope with an instrument in them.

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